"I needed this today more than ever. Last week I experienced my first anxiety attack and have been living in in fear since. Today helped me feel more like my old self again. You guys are angels!”

-Employee at The Department of Child and Family Services in Torrance, CA after Self Love Meditation with Connie Clotworthy

"The Zone was really beneficial to our student athletes, helping them meditate before the games. It was also very beneficial to ALL of our students. They really looked forward to the days Connie and Jess were here. I've also noticed many students turning to the different breathing techniques when they are frustrated, tired, and sad. 

Thank you so much for a very stress free semester!”

-Daisy Vite, Teacher, Athlete Mentality, at A Place Called Home in South Central

"Connie and Jess volunteered at APCH for the semester that I was there.  They began the floral design class with a meditation or a mindfulness exercise.  Each exercise was tailored to the class that I was teaching that day.  If I was using sunflowers, they would incorporate the meaning of a sunflower into the story or listening exercise.  They also tried to engage the kids with stories that related to them.  

I always asked the kids for feedback afterwards.  Many said that they felt relaxed.  One girl I remember said that she wanted to share it with her mom!  A lot of them thought that it was odd what we were doing but still participated.  The elementary kids were more likely to try different things so I think they were more open to these exercises.  At their age, it's really hard to get them to do something that makes them look silly and of course yoga and breathing exercises to a kid looks pretty different but the kids who were open to it really enjoyed it.  There were a lot of kids who really took to these exercises and connected with Connie and Jess. I think their empathy for the kids and willingness to spend time with them was part of what made their curriculum powerful.

I'm happy to learn that more kids will be exposed to these tools in life.  Being around these children opened my eyes to the stress and problems that lay under their smiling  and giggly faces.  It will be great when yoga and mindfulness are no longer seen as "weird" but as a respite for when kids or adults need a break.”

-Haejung Kim, Instructor, Wilder Flowers Workshop, at A Place Called Home in South Central

“Over the past few months, Worthy Beyond Purpose has become an excellent addition to our program. For many of the youth at our club, this is their first experience with mindfulness and meditation. Now our members are able to learn effective mindfulness techniques through a variety of fun and engaging activities. Jasmine and Diva are a pleasure to have at our club, and our members always look forward to their weekly visit.”

-Kevin Kirk, Education Coordinator, Boys & Girls Club of Mar Vista Gardens

"When Danielle first told me about Worthy Beyond Purpose and her involvement in the local mindfulness movement, I immediately saw the budding of a beautiful partnership. I told her about my ongoing work around mindfulness with my lively bunch of third graders at Walgrove Avenue Elementary and we picked a date for her visit. 

She was incredibly gracious and attentive throughout the planning process, and offered my colleagues and I several options for activities she thought our students (two general education, third grade classes and one 1st-3rd grades, special education class) would enjoy. She catered each of the three lessons to the specific needs of our students and was very flexible and welcoming of our students' diverse needs.

She talked to the children at length about what it means to be present and mindful. She then guided us through a series of fun, breathing exercises, followed by a gratitude meditation. At the end of the day, we went on a mindful walk in the Wildlands, our sacred, school garden. The singing bowl was especially popular with the students. 

Danielle was very open, friendly, and attentive with the students and made sure to answer all of their questions and wonderings. She wore colorful, unicorn leggings, which was a hit with the girls! She had great control of the class and got even the most distracted of students to give meditation a chance. 

I am so grateful we found each other and very much look forward to further expanding this mindfulness project. The benefits to kids is tremendous! Thank you, Miss Diva Danielle! We look forward to seeing you again soon!”

-Ana Lima, 3rd Grade Teacher at Walgrove Avenue Elementary

"I connected with Danielle after I saw her working with children and teaching them meditation through Worthy Beyond Purpose. I wanted to find out how I could add meditation to my life and to my students as well, being a teacher too. Danielle came to my house and looked at my space. She made recommendations on where I should mediate in my home. She recommended some meditation apps I could use to get started in my practice. The next day she followed up with an email which was awesome! Danielle asked if she could do a guided meditation with me the next week. A week later we went out to the beach. I don’t know if it was the waves or just being in nature, but the meditation moved us both enough to invite other people to experience it with us. Danielle’s voice is so soothing and easy to connect with. She makes you feel at ease. Every week the meditation revolves around a different subject such as self love, forgiveness or just being present. She has really helped me get my meditation practice in gear and we are getting other people on board with it too. It has been an amazing experience!”

-Jessie Iovine, Early Childhood Special Ed Teacher with LAUSD, on starting the Beach Community Meditation with Danielle White.

"Danielle has a very positive, calming, non-judgmental energy, and will help you focus on what you need to do to find grounding and healing.  I find it hard sometimes to discipline myself to meditate on my own, so it is great that Danielle offers this service to get that extra support you might need to get yourself centered.”

-Leslie Reyes Waddington, Detox Nurse, after a Beach Community Meditation with Danielle White.