Santa Monica YMCA


The kids at the Santa Monica YMCA are back to school and that also means we’re back in the YMCA’s Fall after school program. Worthy Beyond Purpose is bringing The Zone to kids 6-12 years old. We began last Spring and have been working with them doing yoga, breathwork, meditations, visualizations, listening exercises and leading discussions on Mindfulness, Gratitude, Forgiveness and how to use these tools in their everyday lives.


We’ve watched the kids on their journey as they share stories with us about using Bunny Breath when they feel sad or our “Stop. Take 3 Breaths” exercise when they felt themselves getting angry. It’s been amazing to watch them grow. We laugh that some of them even seem like little Zen Masters. They can tell us what meditation is, what it is used for. We’ve slowly been working up the amount of time we can sit with them in silent meditation. As a meditator, this is such a beautiful experience to watch - kids running through the door, excited to sit with us. Kids sharing stories from their lives and open to the possibility that stillness and connection to their own breath roots them into their own inner strength and confidence. When they feel nervous, they breath. When they feel sad, they breath. When they feel angry they breath. When they feel happy, they breath. <3

Danielle WhiteComment