Lightwork Album Release & WBP Fundraiser!


LIGHTWORK Album Release Party & Fundraiser for Worthy Beyond Purpose

We are all light workers whether an artist making the world a brighter place with vivid colors and scenes created out of the thin air of imagination or a musician who enriches our lives through sounds that fill our ears and open our hearts. Whether you are a dancer, a builder, a lover, a teacher, a parent, a friend, a shoulder to lean on, or just a human being with open arms, an open mind and an open heart, whenever and however you share the bounty of your soul, you shine. When you shine, we all do.

Whenever we are led by love to make this dark world a brighter place, we are in service of the light. This LIGHTWORK takes infinite forms. Sometimes it's bold and energetic. Other times its tender and introspective. Sometimes it means finding the courage to change the world. Sometimes it means finding the courage to change ourselves.


This is the inspiration for Joe Cons new album. Stylized in all caps, LIGHTWORK is a collection of songs that range from boisterous turn-up trap to jazzy golden era boom bap to head nodding lyrical brain food and so many points in between. It is an extended meditation dedicated to personal growth emotionally, artistically and spiritually. It is also an unflinching look at the world around us and an honest attempt to live an authentic, creatively inspired life in a time of great chaos and upheaval.

It is said that you cannot stop the storm but you can learn to dance in the rain, and you cannot stop the waves but you can sure as hell grab a board and ride. It isn’t about eliminating or avoiding the darkness we encounter in ourselves, in others and in the world. Instead, it is about embracing that darkness and using it to gain greater insight as to how and where to shine our light and our love.

This is not rocket science. This is not politics as usual. This is not that heavy. This is chill. This is fun. This is hip hop. This is LIGHTWORK.

The Event

With the help of a number of friends, family & artistic collaborators, I am both humbled & proud to announce that my new album LIGHTWORK is ready to release into the world. It has been an epic journey on so many levels. I have dug deep within myself and found that much of the coal in my soul has been refined into diamonds. Of course, there is still much work to do, but this collection of songs represents the distillation of years of progress and refinement, both personal and professional. It is a return to my first instrument the pen, the voice, the art of hip hop and rhyme, rhythm, cadence, and poetry. It is a reaffirmation of my path as an MC, an artist, and a man.

But LIGHTWORK is more than just an album. It is a mission statement for the work we all do to express our inner world of infinite abundance, creativity, and love. It is how we all do our part moment by moment, day by day to make this world newer, brighter, better. You are LIGHTWORK. We all are. Together.

In that spirit, this event is not merely the celebration of a group of new songs, it is a declaration of our place in this universe as beings of light, children of the earth and descendants of the stars. I am truly blessed to have this opportunity to share the spotlight this day with so many of my sisters and brothers who are shining embodiments of the same walk, and to highlight one woman and organization in particular whose mission and work are truly beyond worthy of our acknowledgment and assistance.


Those who know Connie Clotworthy can attest to her radiance, beauty, generosity, strength & spirit. I am fortunate to call her my sister and to be a witness to her path of growth and awesome transformational work, which began internally, then rippled out to positively impact her closest friends, her family, her community and now truly the world of today and tomorrow. Connie and her team have built an organization called Worthy Beyond Purpose ( which in her own words is a program which provides tools to tap into innate personal power so that people can create the life of their dreams. Talk about a great cause!

Connie has rediscovered her own power & is now using meditation and mindfulness techniques to help others do the same, from LAPD officers to school age children, teens and parents. She is an incredible inspiration and a shining example of LIGHTWORK and it is a real honor to be partnering with her through this event by raising funds to help spread her healing farther & wider. Our party on March 30th will donate a significant percentage of all proceeds to help Worthy Beyond Purpose continue its impactful mission. Our stated goal is to raise $1000 to help offset the costs of becoming a tax classified non-profit, but I am optimistic we can exceed that amount by a fair margin.

We are opening the ticketing for this celebratory evening by offering 50 early bird packages for our closest friends, family, and supporters.

When you purchase a $25 pre-sale ticket to the LIGHTWORK album release party you will be directly supporting Worthy Beyond Purpose. You will also receive a limited edition first run physical copy of the LIGHTWORK album on CD plus two drink tickets. Not only that, but you’ll be given early entry access to a healing, heart opening guided meditation. Led by our gifted facilitator, this is an opportunity to tune deeper into yourself and activate a heightened level of presence so you can fully receive the blessings of the event.

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