Jamaica Summer Camp


Jess and I just returned from 18 days in St Elizabeth Parish in Jamaica.  We were there volunteering at The Treasure Beach Summer Camp.  This is a creative influenced camp.  Allowing kids to express themselves in their creativity. The councilors (who are now the teens of the community) lead in dance, arts, sewing and drama.  And now, thanks to some American sponsors (Worthy Beyond Purpose included) the camp is able to offer music, sports and MINDFULNESS.  This is the camp that changed my life.  My first time going, I had no idea what was going to happen to me.  I had no idea that with these kids influence, my whole life was going to change.  

In 2017 I sat with my first group of littles.  We talked about gratitude and meditation.  They made gratitude lists that composed of things like... I am grateful for trees to climb, for the breeze at night, for eyes to see the colors in the sky, for the smell of dinner cooking, for my family and summer camp.  Then it happened, I guided them through OUR first meditation.  I had never guided one before, and especially never sat with children in meditation.  The way they received the information and the peace and surrender that came over them and myself.... My life transformed in that very moment.  Tears hit my cheeks and I knew in that moment, this is what I wanted my life to be about. 

So Jess and I went this year, with our program, THE ZONE, ready to rock. The summer camp itself was 10 days and then their was an additional over night camp out, an evening performance for the doctors that come and give free health care for the week and a show the following Monday for all the friends and family in the community.  

One of the very best take aways from this whole experience.  Going in to a day with zero expectations and getting our minds blown daily by just being open and available for whatever comes your way.  As I said, we had our program ready but the program unfolded itself.  We were just there to supervise the work.  What happened throughout the day was pure magic and could not have been planned.  We did visualizations followed by vision boarding.  We did yoga and shaking exercises connecting to our bodies and Mother Earth.  We taught breathing techniques as way to deal and sit through emotions.  We did mindful eating and listening.  We meditated, we talked, we danced and created.  We learned how to just BE.  We got present and we stayed present.  WE connected and we bonded on a level that I cannot put into words.  WE got rooted and we got connected.  THIS is forever my community and I am FOREVER grateful.


To just show up somewhere with the intention to teach gratitude and to be shown what real  gratitude is all about...  TREASURE BEACH SUMMER CAMP, YOU HAVE MY HEART, MY SOUL, AND ALL MY ATTENTION.  TO A LIFE TIME TOGETHER.... NAMASTE


Please visit www.treasurebeachyouthgroup.com for more information and stay connected to this venture.

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