Dept. of Child and Family Services Day of Wellness


For the first time ever, The Department of Child and Family Services had a Day of Wellness.  For the staff that work tirelessly around the clock, where their vision is to help our children thrive in safe families and supportive communities, a Day of Wellness is well needed and deserved.  Thank You to Claudia Ramirez, a staff member here, for organizing the event and seeing the need in taking care of ourselves.  We’ve all heard the phrase, “put your oxygen mask on first, before helping others”…. How many of us actually take the time to take care of ourselves the way we take care of others?

Some of the days events included massage, essential oils, body work and meditation.  I had the extreme pleasure of guiding two SELF-Love meditations.  As the social workers started to filter in, I had the opportunity to talk to a few of them.  Astonished to find out how many of them had never meditated before.  Many were quite resistant to start.  The most common thing I heard was… “I don’t have time to meditate”. My response is always the same…. You don’t have time not to meditate.


And then we began.  First getting relaxed in our bodies, getting grounded.  Then connecting to our breath.  Followed by self love affirmations and quiet time to feel our hearts beat.  Giving thanks for our hearts and loving ourselves wholly.  Just Breathe…

It was an experience I will surely not forget.  And the energy after was undeniable.  They even looked like different people.  More affirmation for me that this stuff really works.  Some of the comments after were…

  1. I get headaches everyday and I had one when I came in here today.  My headache is now gone and I am very relaxed 

  2. My favorite part was everything….  I needed this today more than ever.

  3. Last week I experienced my very first anxiety attack and have been living in fear since.  The meditation helped me feel more like my old self again.  You are an angel.

  4. I was very hesitant in the beginning, but now this is something I want to do it again.  Wish I could stay longer.

Best thing about meditation is you can return to that state of peace and bliss whenever you want.  All you have to do is sit down, close your eyes and breathe.

Looking forward to more of this work with this team of people.  More will be revealed.

Connie ClotworthyComment