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One of my favorite new sayings is, “it takes a mindful village.” I even like to think of imagery in my head of a huge world village with all of us adults living in such an intentional and mindful way that our children grow up to be the most powerful and positive reflections of ourselves that we can imagine. Picture that. Breathe it in. What a vision.


I think a lot about legacy ~ about what we want to give to our young people, what we want to leave behind for them, what seeds we’re planting to make their lives most fruitful.

And one thing I do know ~ the truth behind the original quote ~ “It takes a village to raise a child” is that we are stronger together. I’m sure most of you know that it is a proverb which means that it takes an entire community of different people interacting with children in order for young people to grow and flourish in a safe environment. We can get more accomplished working with others, and we can show our young people how positive collaboration serves us all best. Our work and our hearts. :)

Soooo… with the desire to network always in our minds as a team, we’re so excited that we have been offered an opportunity to join a local group also focused on creating this mindful village for children and youth. 

And by the way, I know that “networking” is a modern buzzword, but the concept of it is as old as our human history. Networking is defined as “the exchange of information or services among individuals, groups, or institutions.” So we’re delighted to get to be networking in both the oldest and the newest sense of the concept. Joining forces. Combining talents. Sharing information and resources. Working together and going forth to make magic happen!

When I wrote that, I had a flashback to the old Justice League of Superheroes. Superheroes with different superpowers uniting for missions. That’s who we want to be with this group ~ and right now the Venice, California Public Library is Headquarters where we meet to plan our good work. 

But I’ve jumped ahead a bit, so here is a little background… The Venice Neighborhood Council was created in 2002, designed to “improve the quality of life in Venice by building community and to secure support from the City of Los Angeles for the resources needed to achieve our goals.” Its scope is wide, as its goal is to serve the diverse needs of the growing and changing community. 

And very recently, out of this larger forum emerged a smaller group whose sole focus is on children, young people, and community initiatives which help support the positive development of Venice youth.

The group is comprised of different Venice stakeholders; parents, educators, artists, community organizers, a chairperson from the Venice Chamber of Commerce Education Committee, and a former lawyer turned socially active at the helm as the committee chairperson. 

And the four of us! 


The goal now as a group is to create achievable outcomes and oversee the facilitation of community efforts and strategies to reach those inspirational goals. 

I served for six years on a Board of Trustees for a youth focused non-profit, and as a working group we constantly reminded ourselves that we needed to be looking at our work and its impact at both the microcosmic and macrocosmic levels. From the top down and the bottom up. It feels so exciting to be able to plug into the local community in this way because the view of the macrocosm requires that you be aware of the other working parts of the larger collective, to see how things complement each other and push each other forward.

So here’s to the first of many collaborative efforts to come! Think globally, act locally! As the group moves forward, we’ll let leaks out from Headquarters so that you can also be inspired  about community mobilizing ~ and maybe even be motivated to see what you can do in your own neck of the woods. 

Our young people deserve to grow up with adults truly looking out for their best interests and providing the most helpful tools and structures to support their positive development. It takes a mindful village! Every effort counts.

Now back to Headquarters. Much work to be done

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