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When I was a little girl, I used to stand in front of my mirror with my hairbrush singing songs. “Fame,” “Material Girl,” and “The Greatest Love of All” to name a few. I once won a talent show doing an interpretive dance to Cyndi Lauper’s “Girls Just Want to Have Fun.”  There is no denying it, I was totally an 80s Kid through and through. 

As some of you may know, I have this other career as a House Music DJ and producer and have often said that I feel like I am getting to live out my childhood dreams! 

One of the amazing things about playing and making music is how similar it is to meditation for me. It immediately brings me into the present moment. In that moment, I feel like I tap into a realm of pure creativity and connection. I am so in touch with the crowd, with what to play, and where to take the energy. My mind quiets and there I am…in the NOW! I have to actively train my mind to do this day after day. Music is the one place that this came easily. I understood this even before I really understood what mindfulness or meditation were. In happiness, in pain, music has always been there for me as a place to process and to rejoice.

I’ve played festivals, clubs, parades, house parties - you name it, I’ve probably done it. Of all the events I’ve been a part of, none of them is quite like Daybreaker


Wake up and dance!

From their website, “Daybreaker is a morning dance party that will start your day with energy and intention.” They describe themselves as a women owned business with a multigenerational community. The events carbon offset for zero emissions and never serve alcohol. There are events all over the United States and now all over the world. They start with yoga around 5:30am, followed by the dance party and ending with live performances and a group intention. 

I was already excited to play the final Daybreaker of 2018 but then something unexpected happened. They also agreed to give me some time at the end of the event to talk about our work with Worthy Beyond Purpose and lead a meditation. Two things so near and dear to me were about to come together in one event! And let me tell you, this is the perfect place. It’s a community that says you can take care of yourself and the world around you AND HAVE FUN DOING IT! What better way to be present than through the absolute joy of dancing!

Plus, the vibe at a Daybreaker is unbeatable! 

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Thank you Daybreaker! 

A 5:30am start time sounds early but just ask my fellow ladies of Worthy Beyond Purpose, Connie and Jess, we were buzzing with energy the rest of the day! I started my set at 6:30am for a crowd of fun-loving Santas, ready to get their morning workout done on the dance floor.  Daybreaker regulars Emcee Aryey and the Downtown Horns accompanied my set.  I played Disco. I played House. I played Funk. I played Electro Swing. I think I smiled for the next 2 hours! Actually, I think we all smiled for the next 2 hours!

After my set, the crowd put their hands over their hearts and we meditated together. We took a moment to hold one thing in our hearts that had already happened that morning and say thank you. A moment of quiet. A moment of gratitude. To me, that’s the way to start every morning. No matter what’s happening, start with gratitude. Even in the darkest moments, I find that looking for even the smallest things to be thankful for lets a little light in. In that room, the love of life was palpable.

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We ended reading the day’s intention together.

“This is my wish for you: peace of mind, prosperity through the year, happiness that multiplies, health for you and yours, fun around every corner, energy to chase your dreams, joy to fill your holidays!”

~D.M. Dellinger

On that note, I want to share my live set including the meditation. I hope you dance! I hope you sit! I hope you sing! I hope you smile! Happy New Year and thank you for all of your support! <3

To find out more about Daybreaker and their events around the world, you can find them at:

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