Mindful Communication Course


This week, Connie, Jasmine, our newest team member Sabrina and I started the Mindful Communication course with Mindful Schools. Founded in 2007 in Oakland, Mindful Schools is an amazing organization dedicated to transforming school communities from the inside out. They've trained over 25000 teachers and educators to bring Mindfulness into schools, reaching over 2 million children worldwide.


What is Mindful Communication?

The course describes it as β€œan integration of mindfulness, embodied awareness practices, and Nonviolent Communication.”

So here we go! Back to school and diving deeper into some of the same practices we teach in our afterschool programs - establishing presence, actively listening, and regulating our emotions. We truly believe that in order to teach these valuable skills, we must also be living them. With that in mind, we are spending the next 8 weeks meditating together, strengthening our personal Mindfulness programs and participating in role-playing activities designed to practice Nonviolent Communication.

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