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This year-long curriculum is facilitated by our team of certified meditation and mindfulness professionals. Our flagship program, The Zone, offers students interactive and engaging activities to develop awareness, emotional regulation, and focus.


This program has been well-received by educators and community leaders throughout the LA area. Some immediate benefits we see with The Zone program include a comprehensive vocabulary for kids to articulate emotions, increased self-awareness and emotional regulation in classrooms and improved communication between teachers and students.


  • Facilitator visits once a week.

  • Introduces meditation and engages with the kids about their feelings, struggles, and issues.

  • Supplies tools to deal with feelings, responses, and reactions.

  • Finishes with a powerful guided meditation.


Are you ready to give your child a different and meaningful playdate experience? Worthy Beyond Purpose will come to you and facilitate 1-2 hours of kids’ yoga and meditation and mindfulness activities. Our certified instructors are experienced in delivering enlightening and inspiring activities for all ages to deepen their self-reflective journeys. 


A personalized workshop tailored just for you in your home allows you to connect with yourself and your family. Find your Zen Den and we will find what practices work best for your lifestyle. Get ready to dive into your meditation journey with a one-time, how-to workshop or a long-term program to keep you on track. The family that flows together, grows together. 

teacher tools

Worthy Beyond Purpose provides teachers with tools and tips for classroom management rooted in self-awareness, breathwork, and insight meditation. Also, the program includes personal components for educators so they may create their practices outside of the classroom.


Have a group of friends ready to embrace a more peaceful life? Isn’t it time you said YES to this very thing? Worthy Beyond Purpose will come to you, teach your group some simple techniques and tools and then guide you in an easy-to-follow group meditation. Connection and shared experiences are vital to your journey and this program is sure to leave you and your circle hungry for more.

An evening of yoga nidra

Prepare to transform, transcend and awaken.  Yoga Nidra is a guided meditation done while laying down.  This healing and restorative practice works as a reset button for your life. 1 hour of Nidra is equal to 4 hours of sleep, perfect mediation for those who feel their not getting enough sleep in their life.

Worthy Beyond Purpose looks forward to bringing meditation and mindfulness to you, your home and work, and those you love. 

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