Feeling Emotions with Breath... for KIDS


Have you ever asked a child what it feels like in their bodies when they're mad? Or sad? Or nervous?  It probably sounds something like, ‘I want to scream or punch or stomp. I feel hot inside or I have butterflies in my whole body.  I sweat, I shake, etc.’ This is all the way energy in motion manifests in us. Emotions are needing to get out in any way that they can. And how we react to these exploding feelings usually ends up with us saying or doing something that we have to clean up after.  Either with apologies or with physical cleanups. And were left feeling bad. 

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Science has now shown how taking a few deep breaths will help you to be more emotionally aware. Read more on how Your Breath is Your Brain's Remote Control here.

 When you learn that your breath is linked to your state, you have it in your power to keep a steady head whenever you need it. 

Take a deep breath’ is wonderful and simple wisdom, but it can be harder than you think when you are feeling a little challenged.  

Especially for our children who are coming up against all of life's challenges, like introducing yourself into a new school, doing a presentation in front of the class or even picking your seat in the cafeteria.  Just day to day activities can riddle our kiddos with fear and anxiety, peer pressure and nervousness. Good News! There is a super simple solution. Breathwork. Fun breathwork that your child will like to do.  


  1. Hissing Breath.  This is used for anger.  
    You take a deep breath in through your nose, hold it at the top and then you hiss out slowly.  Hissing out all of that crazy energy you have inside. You do this three times. By the end of the third time, you let your breathing go back to normal and you should feel much calmer and ready to respond and not react.

  1. Flower Breath.  This is used for anxiety or nervousness.
    You take a deep breath in through the nose like you’re smelling a flower, hold at the top and then breathe out through the mouth like you’re blowing out a candle. The quick sharp breath out with release the stale air needing to come out so you can fill that space with clean fresh air.  Doing this a few times will release all the butterflies that are fluttering around your belly.

  1. Bunny Breath.  This is used for crying.
    When you cry so hard you can't catch your breath, think of how bunnies breathe.  You take three short breaths through the nostrils (scrunching your nose as a bunny would do), hold it for a second and then exhale slowly through the mouth. Doing this a few times will give your brain a chance to catch up and will calm the nervous system. 

  1.  Bear Breath.  This is used for restlessness when it’s time to go to bed.
    Think about a bear hibernating.  You breathe in through the nose for a count of six, hold for four counts, and exhale for the count of six, hold for four counts.  Doing this three times will surely give your brain a break from all the planning and worrying and it signals the body that its time for sleep.

These are just a few of the thousands of different breathing techniques you can use.  We use these worldwide because they seem to resonate with kids around the globe but feel free to explore and see what works best for your little ones.  Please comment and let us know what works or doesn't work for you. We’re always learning together and if its one thing we all share in… it's our breath.  Below is a video from one of our students at the Treasure Beach Summer Camp in Jamaica. Let Samuel show you how it's done.

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