Going Back To Jamaica - Worthy Beyond Purpose meets Root To Rise


In July of 2017, my dear friend Connie returned from Treasure Beach Youth Camp a changed woman. She shared her magical experiences with me through many stories and pictures and I knew right then and there that I had to go and experience it for myself.

In April of 2018 we started fundraising in our community and within 3 months we had raised $5500. On July 11 we embarked on what would end up being the most amazing journey of my life.

We took a red eye from Los Angeles and arrived in Montego Bay around 8 am where we were greeted by our driver, Wayne. He had an infectious smile that warmed my heart and instantly gave me comfort and excitement for what was to unfold.  The ride from Montego Bay to Treasure Beach was filled with newfound friendships and adventure but this was only the beginning.

Four hours later we arrived at our new home with belly’s full of johnny cakes and laughter!  We were greeted by four rastafarians and a couple of other travelers sitting around a large picnic table sharing what we now know as ONE LOVE.

We had 2 days to explore the 2 miles of this sweet community before we started summer camp with the kids of Treasure Beach.

Monday morning bright and early we walked to the end of our driveway to catch the bus, and SUMMER CAMP has begun.


We made several stops along the way and it was such a joy to see the excitement on every child’s face when they saw that Miss Connie had returned to summer camp and this time-with a new face, Miss Jess.  

As we arrived at the schoolhouse and settled in to camp, I was introduced to all of the counselors and the master of ceremonies, Auntie Sis.

It was so inspiring to see all of the older kids/counselors guide the little ones and weave together the fabric of love and community.  

First order of business was choosing a camp song that they would perform for the doctors in a recital at the end of camp.  This event is a yearly ritual done to honor the group of doctors that come from America and give the children physicals and make house calls to many ill people in the community.  The song that was chosen is called “I CAN” by the native Reggae dancehall artist, Chronixx. It’s nearly a year later and everytime I hear this song, I am catapulted into the ONE LOVE dimension of Treasure Beach.    


Connie and I were teaching mindfulness, yoga and meditation and these kids were all about it!!! We began everyday with a manifestation meditation and gratitude followed by creating vision boards of what they desire out of life. It was heartwarming to see what they all envisioned for their future selves…...star gazing, traveling the world, becoming firefighters and professional basketball players, marrying beautiful tall blondes, teaching yoga classes and even volunteering for less fortunate people in other countries.  The kids loved this combination of meditation and manifestation so much and a few of them were even able to guide their very own manifesting meditation by the end of camp. The time flew by and next thing you know we were saying goodbyes. Camp finished on Friday and the talent show for the doctors was a huge success. We were given a BIG shoutout for Worthy Beyond Purpose and the work that we are doing not only in Treasure Beach but in the world. I now understand why Connie was a changed woman when she had returned the year before and I was so happy that I made the decision to go this year.  

I left Jamaica 19 days later feeling on top of the world and with a deeper connection to myself than I had ever felt before. My heart was filled up with the ONE LOVE that is Jamaica.  

During that time in Treasure Beach the thought kept crossing my mind that we need to bring other people to experience the magic too.  I mentioned to Connie that we could host a Yoga and Meditation retreat and she said, “I’ve never even been to a retreat-but it sounds like a good idea to me!” CHALLENGE ACCEPTED!! Here we are-eight months later and next week we are heading back to Treasure Beach along with five other woman to host our very first  MEDITATION TO MANIFESTATION retreat, ROOT TO RISE. We are so excited to share our secrets of manifesting the life of our dreams through yoga nidra meditations, hatha yoga, workshops, connection, community, rituals AND the best part-connecting with the kids again!!! We are hosting a dinner for all of the kids where they will share their manifesting meditations that they learned last year,  with all of us. We are also organizing a beach clean up with the kids to give back to the community that gave us more than we ever expected. As we prepare to return to this magical land that I love, I want to say …….THANK YOU CONNIE CLOTWORTHY-none of this would be possible without you. I love you and I’m so grateful to make magic with you.

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