Fierce Compassion


I remember as a young girl,  my grandmother always told me,” everyone you know is fighting a battle you know nothing about-be kind always and don’t judge.” These are words that didn’t have much meaning to me then but I guess this is how words actually work-until they receive a deep understanding by way of feelings, they don’t really hit you.  

Through the years I have had people along the way who have fed me LOVE and also those who have fed me FEAR.  I am able to see this difference so clearly now that I am on a path of deep healing and self reflection. I am so grateful for these teachings of love, compassion and forgiveness from her as they have trumped the many teachings of fear from others.  Through my process of awakening, love and compassion have been activated with more potency than ever.

The body is so amazing in how it remembers and reminds you of where it has been and heeds little warning signs of what not to do and where not to go.  As my meditation practice grows stronger everyday, I feel more grounded and present in my body. Because of this deep connection to self, I also feel so much compassion and love for all humanity, especially those who suffer great emotional, mental and physical pains.

We find ourselves living in a time when suffering appears to be increasing on so many levels ….gun violence, hate crimes, domestic and child abuse, homelessness, drug addiction, anxiety, depression, mental illness, suicide rates, and the list goes on.  

The rise in statistics is daunting and the feelings of hopelessness are often too much to bear.  If you are anything like me and you FEEL everything so much and take on the suffering of others energetically, you must develop daily practices to not only survive but also to thrive for yourself and others. I do this through FIERCE COMPASSION.  A powerful and deeply intense awareness of the suffering of another coupled with the wish to relieve it.

FIERCE COMPASSION is a form of  activism and it starts with love and compassion for oneself.  Everyday when I rise, I begin with a short meditation and prayer for myself. I pray for love and forgiveness, to do my best and to be of service exactly how my creator will have me do so.  To be an angel on someone’s path that day, to stay present to the world and not to go to sleep. Then I move to my yoga mat and these prayers move through my body with every breath. When I work to dismantle the systems within myself, I can be a vessel for dismantling the toxic systems of the world.  

This intoxicating devotion to myself has awarded me a deep love for humanity and transformed resistance into faith and understanding.

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When I look at another person, and I really want to see them... I see them as their five year old self.   When you look at people in this light, what happens is you are able to see their purity, love and innocence. If it is someone who triggers you, this isn’t always the easiest practice but this is where the REAL work lies. WE are all just reflections of each other and it often takes a huge shift in perspective to even realize what we are really being shown.  

I work with many homeless people and I always look at them, make direct eye contact and ask them about their life before they became homeless. I think that we as a society feel that avoidance is more comfortable for them but it’s really just more comfortable for us.  They truly appreciate the connection. Even if they don’t want to move through a conversation and be in the pain of the story, to just be present with them is to show them love. To show them that you care and make a heart connection. This is FIERCE COMPASSION.

I also work with many addicts and it can be so exhausting.  Lying and manipulating is the most common learned behaviors that they use to gain control.  I know that no one actually chooses to be addicted to drugs or alcohol but that this is a way to ease the suffering of deep emotional pains.  When working with addicts the question isn’t why the addiction, but why the pain. When I started doing this inner child work with myself, I was able to forgive myself for the many mistakes I’ve made in my life.  To see someone as a child before they learned the many survival techniques that manifested into ugly behaviors is FIERCE COMPASSION.

As I embrace myself with love and forgiveness,  I now have the courage to work diligently to heal the divide amongst us.

We were all innocent children at one time in our lives but somewhere along the way, we just got lost. FIERCE COMPASSION sheds light to rediscovering our lost selves.  

Now,  those powerful words that my grandmother spoke so many years ago have been felt so deeply in my soul that the understanding of their meaning is the forefront of my work. FIERCE COMPASSION takes FIERCE COURAGE and courage is my hearts blossom.

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