Let's Start A Rebellion


Up To So Good…

I recently discovered that a friend has this as her tagline on social media. And since then I think of it often ~ and am frankly so surprised that it is not already a catch phrase. How could “up to no good” be a thing, and “up to so good’ not be a widespread concept? What’s up with that??! :)

And so… as learning works.. once we become aware of something and can see a better option, we can change it! Transform! Neuroplasticity! Paradigm shifts! These are a few of my favorite things. 

The new year is solidly upon us and what an opportune time to adopt this brave new world concept. Up To So Good. For those of you who are about that Santa Claus life, supposedly the guy has a big meritocracy system for who’s been naughty and who’s been nice. Who has been up to No Good and who has been up So Good. And legend tells us that he watches us all year and plans our rewards accordingly. 

That’s a lotta pressure on one individual! And also, does Santa even really know you? Does he know what you really want? The songs that your heart is truly dying to sing? The work that your soul aches to do? The dreams and gifts that lay buried inside you beneath layers of “adulting” and adjusting to the world as it is?

So what if we all just decided to let Santa’s system of accountability off the hook? And become our own driving forces for being Up To So Good in our own lives? 

Me ~ I want to find new ways to manifest goodness in all that I experience ~ for myself and for others. I want to get myself into such a positive mental and physical state that I can truly share of myself and show up in the world in the ways that I want to. 

This requires great clarity of purpose.

And often around this time of year, many of us have felt some obligation to create “resolutions” ~ things that we want to change or improve in our lives. 


I personally find resolutions to be a bit pressure laden. They feel more like things that I am Pushed to do, rather than Pulled to do. I feel like some of this may be in the “framing”, the perspective of it. 

If I say: 

“I’m going to give up my excessive use of sugar” ~ that immediately has me feeling a sense of lack rather than abundance. It focuses on what I want to take away, rather than the good that I want to bring into my life. Also it does not address WHY I want to give up sugar, what my end goal for that is. 

And even if I don’t state any lack, like:

“I want to write every day.” ~ this is still not getting at WHY I choose that, what I want to happen if I do write every day. 

So how about if I said, 

“I want to thank my body for all it does for me by feeding it things that make it healthy and stronger.”


“I want to have completed a rough draft of my first book by 2020.”

To me, these statements feel like I am focusing on the true WHY and the specifics of WHAT I want. It motivates me in a different way to think of the bigger picture ~and what I truly desire to manifest in my life. 

So I’m going to try and energize another new buzzword ~ 


I want to rebel against my patterns, the status quo, my habits which are not serving me best, the ways that I am not allowing my gifts to be used in the world for good. Therefore I do not feel Pushed to change things, I feel PULLED to raise my vibrations and raise the stakes in my good doings. 

I’m rebelling against those parts of me that are resisting making the effort to create real change. I’m awakening reserves of strength and motivation inside of me, calling them forth to be part of the Rebelution Revolution I want in my life. 


So I invite you to join me! I suggest narrowing it down to maybe 2 or 3 things, ones that seem both achievable, and that truly speak to something that you want to manifest this year.So try it!

Be a rebel and up level your life!

Make every area your life feel like it is Up To So Good. Resolutions sound like something that you have to do, and often that is not enough intrinsic motivation to stick to something new. 

But REBELUTIONS sound like something that your inner badass… ~ who happens to be GREAT at manifesting ~  is just dying to do! You just have to give it opportunities to kick into gear. 

You can truly make magic happen, you can be up to so much good in your life that this time next year you can look back at your former self and be like, “I told you I’d take care of us. See?!”

So let’s try this. Together. What have you got to lose? And boy, do we ever all have a lot to gain by starting an Up To So Good Personal Rebelution. The possibilities are literally endless...

There is magic, but you have to be the magician. You have to make the magic happen..png
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