Meet Jess Brown


We all have a spark of something inside of us that yearns to break through the limitations we've set for ourselves –

Growing up as a military brat and moving around to new cities, new schools, friends and teachers-it makes sense that I would grow up to be a traveling nurse.  I spent the first 12 years of my life bouncing around several east coast Navy bases with my family. Finally settling in a quiet south Georgia coastal town in my early teens, that is where I set my roots.  I love being a Georgia peach and I'm proud to call myself a southern belle. Unfortunately, I don't have a thick southern accent like many of my friends back home, but every now and then when I get sassy you can hear a hint.  My nanny and Pa lived with us so the house was filled with lots of love, Willie Nelson and fresh baked apple pies.

Being a teenager was rough at times and I'm positive my whole family was glad when it was over.  With the support of a loving family, at a young age I managed to raise a daughter and eventually graduate nursing school - which are my biggest accomplishments to date.   

Although I was surrounded with love by others, i lacked self-love.  For many years this caused great turmoil in my life and hindered my spiritual growth.  

Everything changes when you start to emit your own frequency rather than absorbing the frequencies around you.  This is what yoga has done for me. Six years ago I discovered the practice of yoga. What started out as a vigorous exercise routine to stay in shape has turned in to so much more.  Beyond the postures and breathing that keep me flexible, strong, and healthy, there is an inward journey of self discovery. Diving into these ancient practices has helped me cultivate kindness, love, truth, and clarity.  In times of confusion or doubt my practice has been there to remind me that I must surrender to what is- and to trust the path I am on. This sweet surrender has set my soul on fire and catapulted my self love and healing journey.  

Today I  live in Venice Beach, California with my amazing husband Hakan and work as a registered nurse and yoga teacher.  We love spending time together traveling, going to the beach and most importantly-practicing yoga together.

I have completed two 200 hour teacher trainings and a 60 hour yoga nidra training.  I work with private clients for holistic wellness coaching and volunteer teaching kids yoga and meditation.  It is my life's purpose to share these gifts with the world using my personal unique expression. Life is unfolding just as it is supposed to and I am happy to say that I love myself today more than I ever imagined I could.