Meet Jasmine Carey


To begin with I’m adopted. This one fact has shaped so much of who I am, and it left me from the opening act of my life with some pretty gaping holes in my little baby soul  ~and incredibly tenuous roots. My parents both recount that for the first few months I wept inconsolably, the wails seeming to come from some deep source of loss. That chasm has lived inside of me for my whole life, shrinking and growing in size and intensity, its power waxing and waning over the years.

I always felt VERY DIFFERENT from anyone else. I felt like I had a foot in the world and a foot somewhere else. I felt wildly disconnected from most of the people and experiences around me. My core belief became that fitting in and feeling connected was not going to be something that I experienced in this life, that I was marked from birth as being relatively alone on this life journey.

Thus became the dichotomy that has been my story. Growing up I got great grades, started working at the age of 10, and somehow stayed out of real trouble. But I was also a wild child, reckless, a constant risk-taker. I loved getting as close to the edge as possible without actually going over. I constantly walked that tightrope, between balance and chaos.

I was always skilled at teaching and working with kids. The stability of it and how good I was at reaching young people illustrated early on that it was my calling, the place for me to do my best work. In every child I see my own confusion and struggle to make sense of life and to find my place in the world. I take each one under my wing and want to protect them, to give them the tools to feel worthy, loved, positive, and selfi-sustaining, and I want them to always feel like they belong in this world. 

I know that my life’s work is helping young people. It inspires me beyond measure to watch a young person access their own power and blossom into a strong person, comfortable in their own skin. I have been a classroom teacher, a literacy program creator, an after school experiential education program coordinator, a mental health advocate, worked with emotionally disturbed children, and “underserved populations”, a tutor, a nanny, an outdoor experiential educator, and worked countless summers at summer camp and summer school. Additionally I was an extremely active clerk and committee head for 6 years on a Board of Trustees for a hands-on multi-modal learning youth organization. I understand what it takes to create and facilitate meaningful programing for young people at both the macro and micro level. My own experiences have all coalesced into this point in time, where I want to give our young people the tools they desperately need in our current world climate.

All of my work and life experiences have led me to be fully committed to transforming our young people’s lives, one mindful kid at a time.