Meet Connie Clotworthy


Connie Clotworthy is a certified Vipassana Meditation Instructor through the University of Holistic Theology - Online Holistic Degree Programs. Connie also has certifications in Mindful Communication and Difficult Emotions from Mindful Schools. Connie is a Landmark Forum graduate, completing the Curriculum for Living and has since co-founded, WORTHY BEYOND PURPOSE with the mission of transforming the world through mindfulness and meditation practices.

Connie teaches at Ecole Claire Fontaine and volunteers at A Place Called Home, the Boys and Girls Club at MarVista Gardens, Santa Monica YMCA and will start facilitating programs at Citizens of the World Charter School in the fall of 2019 teaching these practices.

Witnessing the benefits of steady meditation practices, Connie’s passion for teaching these tools to the world continues to flourish. She has led meditations at many events including, Elevate LA, Ossia Arts, Veg Fest, Starseed Initiative, Department of Child and Family Services, and for corporations including Irth Communications. Connie was also co-creator and facilitator of the meditation retreat, Root to Rise, held in Jamaica and she also runs the mindfulness program, The Zone, at Summer Camp in Treasure Beach, Jamaica.  

As a child, Connie always felt different, never really fitting in. Having that feeling of never being good enough, she battled with substance abuse for many years. It wasn’t until she was taught how to meditate by one of her mentors, that her life began to change. Through meditation, Connie has found her wholeness and her purpose in this life. She will never be able to repay that mentor for giving her the gift that adamantly gave her her life back but she will make it her life’s mission to teach the world how to access their power and their wholeness. This is a journey where there is no end. This is her life's work and passion.