Holiday Mindfulness


Tis the holiday season! First of all, where did 2018 go? Weren’t we getting ready for Halloween like 2 minutes ago? 

But I digress. The holidays. Yes, they can be a magical time, with families together and an extra level of goodwill flying about ~ and… they can also be time of pressure and heightened expectations and the pace of life greatly increased. We want so much to be creating special memories and feeling the love and giving thoughtful gifts and making delicious meals and…


It’s a Lot. The holidays can bring up lots of emotions, lots of memories, charming ones and painful ones. 

So how about a little centering for yourself? How about some grounding so that you can cruise through these holidays and wrap up 2018 with at least a bit of calm, some true—in-the-moment moments to add to your beautiful memory bank, fortified and balanced to enter our new year.

Doesn’t that sound amazing? 

It may also seen unrealistic. Like something curated on social media or like a story that happens to someone else, not you.

But it really can be you too. 

I’m going to offer you a mindfulness challenge. For your own good. Think of it as a gift to yourself. Putting on your own holiday presence oxygen mask before you put on everyone else’s. Try it tomorrow. And if you’re up for it, do it the next day too. It’s amazing how those few little intentional moments can add up to a surprising amount more peace and presence in every day. And this in turn will make it far more likely that some balanced content version of you will emerge to go confidently into your new year. 


10 Transformational Moments for your Day

~Awaken and spend 2 minutes just focusing on your breath. On the rise and fall of your chest as you breathe. Try your hardest not to think of Anything ~ not what you’re going to do that day, not anything that happened yesterday. Literally just 2 minutes of focus on the way that your breath is working as consistently as it does every day and how it is going to do the same thing this day. At the end give your body a little thank you for the breath that will sustain you all day.

~At some point during the day spend 2 mindful moments eating. Choose your food or drink ahead of time, something that you truly enjoy. Then savor it as you take it in, how does it smell, what are the details of how it looks, then how does it taste, what is the texture on your tongue, how does it sound as you chew or swallow it, all of your senses focusing for at least 2 minutes on the enjoyment found in this mindful eating. At the end give your food a thank you for the experience and the sustenance that it gives you. 

~Choose a time in the day and find the space to walk mindfully for 2 minutes. It is ideal if you can find some way to get outside, but if you cannot then you may do the same indoors. Mindfulness can literally be added to any experience, regardless of environment. So spend just two minutes walking and noticing things on your walk. What you see? What do you smell? What are the sounds surrounding you? How does your body feel walking on whatever surface you’re on?

~During your day find a time that feels good. It doesn’t matter when it happens, where it happens, with who it happens, it just makes you feel a little calmer. For me it could be that I saw a cute dog or an exchange between two people that was kind or got to fit in walking on the beach before tackling the rest of my day, anything that reminds me that there are literally always good things going on. Then when you’re in your moment, really take note of it. 

What feels so good about it? How does it sound and look? How does your body feel during it? Appreciate it, lean into it, let its sweetness fill you up like a quick shot of positive espresso.

~At the end of the day take 2 minutes to breathe deeply again. Think of another day done, think of the mindful experiences that you had throughout the day. Then spend the time calmly observing your breath ~ and your thoughts as they come and go ~ and remember that tomorrow is another day, with endless possibilities for more ways to live your one precious life. 

10 minutes! 10 minutes! And you don’t even do them all at once, all of us can fit 2 minutes into our day. And I know they may seem like they are tiny things, but give it a try. Hopefully you will see that it is an unbelievable present to give yourself more of the present ~ with less of the effort. 

Happy holidays! You’re doing a great job so far. :)

Jasmine CareyComment